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8 April 2012

Pizza Panic Button

So, it is sunday! Sunday indeed!
It is notoriously known for being the day of  hangovers and regrets, such as; "Why did I drink this many tequilas?", "Why did I follow that guy home?" or "White russians? What was I thinking of? I'm lactose intolerant!".
Sundays are perhaps one of the best days for you to burn off a little extra cash and let the local pizza place do the cooking. But how to order a pizza, when you can't concentrate on a simple task for more than few seconds and you just want pizza without the complications of ordering the damn thing?

Red Tomato Pizza has the solution!
Dubai-based Red Tomato Pizza has developed a bluetooth-enabled refrigerator magnet, which enables the customer to order their favourite pizza by the press of a simple button!
By connecting to the customer's smartphone via bluetooth, the button ensures that your favourite order is issued through the internet and a few moments later you get a confirmation text message, that tells you when your pizza is delivered, which pizza you ordered and all other relevant details.

Question Time:
Would you have one on your fridge?

Probably a good idea to leave it out of children's reach though. Noone can eat 152,321 pizzas at once.

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