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The Silence Gun

The Japanese are taking a swing at the freedom of speech with the SpeechJammer. We go around the pros and cons.

Way to cool your drink!

Japanese Kirin have developed a machine to cool down beer foam. Japanese, am I right? ;)

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Thursday Special: Augmenting reality

The digital world have always been contained to a screen, be it on a pc, iPhone or a tablet, but what if we controlled our computers by interacting with the physical world? This Thursday Special is all about augmented reality!

Sonic walk!

A soundsystem for runners; part running harness, part boombox. Bring the beat!

The smart jacket

Lunar Design's BLU Jacket opens our mind to wearable screens.

11 May 2012

MAgnetic bike lights

10 May 2012

Thursday special:

8 May 2012

IKEA Cardboard Camera

IKEA, the pioneers of DIY-furniture, have revealed a digital camera, made of cardboard. It can hold up to 40 pictures and it will go into retail in near future. It even comes with a build-in usb-plug.
Finally, the world have a disposable digital camera... if it is indeed the first time? More of this on thursday.

7 May 2012


So, ever since I heard of the first Android phone, I said to anyone in earshot: Give it 10 years and all of our software will be run through a webbrowser and they will be powered by Google.
People thought me a madman! Rocks were thrown, I was cast out of my village, forcing me to live in a cave, searching the dark for edibles, plotting my revenge.
Years went by and suddenly I hear this: Google have released computers! And to top it all, all programs are run like a webbrowser... Who is the fool now, villagers?! HAH!

Even better, they are available for sale at their homepage!